Online-Concert in Over 90 Retirement Homes

Usually, at this time of the year, the MG Lyss plays christmas music in the various retirement homes in Lyss. As this was not possible this year due to Covid19, the band took to YouTube and streamed their performance to more than 90 retirement homes and hospitals in Switzerland.

Simon Scheurer and Fabrice Brunner presented the performancein a comfortable, old-fashioned living room. The set had been especially decorated for the video – with woolly socks, china, an old saw and a christmas tree. In between the musical pieces, Fabrice Brunner read two christmas stories – one of which he'd written himself – on an old tiled stove. 

The entire production was influenced by Covid19: Practices took place in small groups, audio recordings were done by the musicians one by one and the video was shot in groups of two or three. This way, the band obeyed all the restrictions of confederation and canton.

The response was huge: Cantonal sections of Pro Senectute and Cura Viva recommended the idea to their institutions, local politicians commented the production positively, various interviews were conducted, posts on social media shared and Blick TV even streamed the concert live. In the retirement homes the concert led to bobbing feet, smiling faces, tears of joy as well as a Christmas mood, which is maybe even more important this year.

Reports in the Media

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