The MG Lyss Finds New Ways

After a successful show at the Kulturfabrik KUFA Lyss, the band has decided at an assembly of its active members to continue performing as a showband.

Modern, young, fresh and surprising – those are only a few possible adjectives to describe the concert of the MG Lyss.

Last Saturday, shortly after 8 p.m., the lights in the hall of the KUFA Lyss were switched off. The young wind band entered the stage to the sounds of a wind soundscape. The concert started with Thriller by Michael Jackson as well as other hits from the 80s. Afterwards the band went on to play a medley of the best known hip hop beats. Throughout the evening the MG Lyss presented a wide array of light music consisting of current pop songs such as Dance Monkey, older hits like Welcome to the Jungle, jazzy tunes such as Friend Like Me from Aladdin as well as film music by Hans Zimmer. 

The MG Lyss's new concept was well received. The feedback of the audience was all positive. 'Young and old, the joy of the audience was seen of the faces of all'said president Simon Scheurer and continued: 'But the band members had fun as well. Even today they all still have a smile on their faces and that is ultimately the most important thing' . A lot of discipline was necessary to reach this level. The musicians not only trained the musical aspects of the concert, but also invested a whole Sunday to learn how to move on stage with a professional coach. But the biggest surprises of the evening were probably singer Lyenne and rapper Louis. Lyenne impressed with her beautiful voice and Louis not only wrote his own texts, but also demonstrated his skills as an instrumentalist: Towards the end of the programme he took up his trumpet and had a musical duel with one of the saxophone players.

Despite all the positive things there are also some possibilities for improvement. 'We can of course still get better on the musical side of things. And there's also room for improvement concerning the transitions and the show itself'. Scheurer says that this was only the beginning. The band reflected on the concert and decided to continue playing these kinds of shows.

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