MG Lyss raps for #StayHome

The MG Lyss plays hip hop to support the advice of the WHO: #StayHome!

The song ‘Corona is Dictating our Lives’ is an innovative fusion of hip hop and wind music, created by the MG Lyss feat. Swiss German rapper ‘Chiubigigu’. A first musical step in the direction of popular music was originally planned for a concert in May. Due to the corona pandemic, however, this concert had to be moved to September 5, 2020. To stop their instruments from rusting, the MG Lyss created an innovative project: Individual band members recorded themselves with microphones, and afterwards the instrumentals were mixed to create a complete track. In parallel, a text about quarantine, economic recession, but also the reopening of the world and hope was created. Nevertheless, the message stays the same: Stay home!

In the video, the musicians show themselves from their most creative sides. The trombonist is dancing in neon-coloured clothes, the tubist wears a bathrobe, the conductor is relaxing in his garden, the flutist reads her text from a roll of toilet paper, the trumpeter plays on his bicycle and the saxophonist wears a huge hoodie and a baseball cap.

The medley was originally arranged by Michael Künstle under the title ‘Emergency Hip Hop’ for the Swiss band ‘Brass Department’. It contains some of the best known riffs and beats from the history of hip hop: ‘Thrift Shop’, ‘Who’s that Girl’, ‘Get Up’, and many more.

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