History Repeats Itself

'The flu hit our town badly as well. Our two good friends Marti Ernst & Dyli Fritz have been taken from us. As all gatherings are prohibited, we were not able to attend their funeral' – Protocol of the MG Lyss, July - August 1918.

Yves Chapuis – When I first read this entry about a year ago I though, 'luckily, this kind of thing no longer happens today'. I have been proven wrong. The MG Lyss has to cancel all practices in its 150th anniversary year. 

Such a situation demands a lot of solidarity and innovation. Unlike in 1918, we can at least to continue the social aspects of our band and with virtual hang-outs and meetings.

The MG Lyss wishes good health to all its members, fans and supporters. We hope to see you again soon!

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